How We Are Funded

Tiny Tickers are reliant on our generous supporters to fund our work – we don’t receive any government funding.

In the last financial year (May 2014 to April 2015), our funding came from the following areas:


Fundraiser focus

Samantha jumped out of a plane for us, bravely doing a skydive in memory of her son Matteo. Samantha says:

“I wanted to do something special for my son Matteo and Tiny Tickers, a charity close to my heart. When Matteo was born I fell totally in love, and was very much looking forward to all the wonderful things we would do together. We had a fantastic nine days at home with Matteo, getting to know all his little features and his sweet baby coos. Tragically, on day ten, Matteo became very unwell and passed away in the A&E department in mine and my husband’s arms. Our lives were changed forever. We later found out that Matteo had an undiagnosed heart condition. We will always wonder if his condition was diagnosed, would he still be with us today?”

Funding focus

Leeds-based charity Children’s Heart Surgery Fund is one of the funders of our Yorkshire sonographer training scheme, awarding us £6,000 towards the costs of training conferences and hands-on practical sessions. CHSF chief executive Sharon Coyle says: “We were delighted to give a grant to Tiny Tickers and play an important role in the training scheme, which we know will benefit babies with heart problems right across our region.”

Fundraiser focus

Vicky Woodmansey Heart Week

Vicky organised a back sale at her local mums and tots group as part of Heart Week in 2015. Vicky says:

“Being a new-ish mum myself I found the work the charity was doing incredibly inspiring – so when Heart Week came up I did what any self-respecting person would do and turned to cake! The support from the mums and dads was fantastic – the charity really brought out the generosity in everyone. It was a great morning and we raised far more than I would have expected – including awareness of the charity, heart defects and what to ask about during a scan. As a parent, you can’t help but be impressed with the work Tiny Tickers is doing and the families they are helping.

You can read our annual report and accounts, and see our income and spending for the last few years on the Charity Commission website, here.

Harriett Roberts, Tiny Tickers’ Head of Fundraising:

“We’re a small charity covering the whole of the UK, so every pound we raise makes a real difference. With the generous help of our supporters and funders, we’ll be able to help even more babies with heart problems”

Our fundraising promise

We are members of the Fundraising Standards Board, the regulator for fundraising in the UK.

Our promise to our fundraisers is that:

You can read about our fundraising promises and complaints procedure here.