From Inspiration to Perspiration – a London Marathon blog

With only 6 weeks to go until the Virgin London Marathon, Tiny Tickers’ runner, Vojin Soskic, can feel the excitement building…

I have spent enough time moaning about the marathon on here. In truth there are many more exciting aspects that outweigh the negatives hence I am now online shopping for a fetching, new tight running vest. What have I become?

Whether it’s your first or last marathon, each one is a major achievement. For all the marathon virgins doing the Virgin London Marathon, we are that bit more in the dark as to how it’s all going to pan out.

One thing for sure is the crowd. The London Marathon is renowned for the generous supporters turning up in their droves, to kindly drive on each runner. Now I am a sucker for sporting atmosphere and theatre, and the thought of the sound of the masses (who I will pretend are only there to see me) is an appealing one. I shall let the imagination run wild and pretend to be Mo Farah coming around the final bend of the Olympic Stadium. What is sport without heroes?

The Boyhood Dreamer - Vojin aged 6.

The Boyhood Dreamer – Vojin aged 6.

For an athlete to perform at an elite level, under pressure and rising to the occasion, in the moment when your best is needed most, and to win in style, must be the ultimate feeling sport can give us. It is unlike anything else and is why so many fall for it. It is why it is the most important unimportant thing in the world. And it is great way to do some fundraising!

For many of us on that start line next month, it will feel like an Olympic Final. The moment to get out there and perform will be one to be seized. I could do another marathon down the line but it won’t be this moment, this charity and at the end of this training. On the 24th April I plan to walk out (in my mind) as Ennis did in London, as Djokovic does at Wimbledon, as Messi does at the Camp Nou. This is my day, my shot, my opportunity to capture that medal at the end of it.

It doesn’t matter how old you get, channelling the boyhood hero worship instincts, playing football as a kid in Belgrade, will now resurface in a deluded 33 year old Londoner. As David Bowie sang, we can be heroes, just for one day.

The instant excitement a moment of greatness gives us, such as when a goal scored, a shot made or a race won, it is sport that gives us and I am thankful to have been in a relationship with it for so long.

I have now run over 350 miles since I started training in October and there have been some testing moments. Thank you to everyone who has supported, asked how it’s going or donated. It really does make a difference to me and gives me solace when I’m lost on a long run waiting for an Uber taxi to rescue me and take me home. Not sure Mo Farah has ever had to do that.

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