NHS England review of heart services

NHS England has published plans for congenital heart services in the future, following a three-year review and the development of new standards of care. You can read more about their plans here: www.england.nhs.uk/2016/07/chd-future.

While nothing will change immediately, we recognise that these plans will cause some parents to be concerned about arrangements for the future care of their children. If you have any queries about what the changes may mean for you, we recommend contacting your hospital unit, local support groups or condition-specific national groups.

Noting that the NHS England plans would lead to fewer units providing children’s heart surgery in the future, here at Tiny Tickers we feel it is even more crucial than ever that more babies with heart conditions are detected during pregnancy.

Antenatal detection can save lives and improve the long-term quality of life for babies with heart defects. It means plans can be made for birth and early treatment, and parents-to-be can receive the support they need. It also means fewer emergency transfers and admissions, and fewer planned surgeries being postponed.

Therefore, we’ll continue to work hard with the NHS England review team and other decision-makers to ensure more babies with heart conditions are spotted earlier, and have the best possible start to life.