100km Challenge – but not all at once!

Tiny Tickers supporter, Hannah Shooman, has undertaken a challenge to run 100km before her 31st birthday and raise some vital funds and awareness along the way…Here Hannah explains what has motivated her to take on such a huge challenge, in her own words. 

Hannah Shooman running 100km for baby hearts

Good Luck Hannah!

By my 31st birthday, I am aiming to run 100km in different charity races to raise money in support of two wonderful charities and Tiny Tickers is one of them.

If someone had told me 3 years ago that I would have signed up to run a half marathon I think I would have laughed very loudly in their face. Having well and truly caught the running bug  and seeing what a difference a small donation can make to a charity I’m hoping to run a number of different 10k’s and half marathons, although speed is not high up the list at the moment!

My key motivation for wanting to raise money for Tiny Tickers is my nephew. At his 20 week scan, a heart defect was detected and we discovered that he had Tetralogy of Fallot. Obviously this was very hard news for my sister and her partner to take, considering the potential implications, but thanks to the early detection at least they were as prepared as they possibly could be.

My nephew arrived 8 weeks early, on the 1st June and has been battling ever since. He currently has multiple stents in his heart and is awaiting further operations to enable him to live a full and active life, which I know he will embrace. I just believe that the earlier that heart issues can be detected, the more chance that parents to be have to prepare for the arrival of these precious and incredible little people! 

Tiny Tickers is an inspirational small charity with big ambitions. Their aim is to help improve the detection, care and treatment of babies with serious heart conditions, and support their families. This is a cause incredibly close to my own heart and I want to do all I can to support them.

I  am enthusiastic and willing to try any challenge that comes my way, if not entirely confident about my ability. The more I can raise, the better.

If you would like to support Hannah you can find her fundraising page HERE.

Hannah has already raised well over £500 for Tiny Tickers and has now signed up for the whole 100k with the next event being the Hampton Court Half Marathon – 19th March 21.1 km.  Then it’s the big one…the London Marathon on 23rd April.    Finally on her birthday she will be completing her 100km on 29th May by taking part in the Vitality London 10k.

Everyone here at Tiny Tickers wants to say a massive thank you and good luck for the rest of your challenge!