New Patient Survey for CHD Patients in England

Tiny Tickers is pleased to have helped NHS England develop a new patient survey for CHD patients.

The Congenital Heart Disease Patient Experience Survey will be launched in all surgical centres in England on February 26th, with the aim of giving hospitals detailed feedback from patients and their parents and carers.

Different versions of the survey are designed to suit various age groups and either inpatients or outpatients, with people given the opportunity to respond after appointments or hospital stays.

Tiny Tickers’ Chief Executive, Jon Arnold, is a patient and public voice representative on NHS England’s Clinical Reference Group for congenital heart services, and that group will be responsible for reviewing the CHD patient survey results.

Jon said: “Giving patients and their families a voice is very important to us at Tiny Tickers, so we’re really pleased to have helped with this project.

“Developing, testing and getting the survey ready for launch has been a long process, and one we’re proud to have played a part in via our work on the Clinical Reference Group.

“I’m sure the survey will provide really useful information to NHS Trusts to help them see what they are doing well in the opinion of patients and their families, and also to identify any areas to act on.

“We’ll be involved in reviewing the results on the Clinical Reference Group, so I’m keen to ensure that this is a way of spreading best practice across all units so patients get the same high quality experience wherever they are treated.

“Next time you’re at your heart unit for an appointment or treatment, make sure you’re given details of the survey and make sure you have your say.”

The CHD patient survey can be accessed via