We’ve Trained Almost 1000 Sonographers Since 2016

At Tiny Tickers, our mission is to train as many sonographers as possible, as regularly as possible. The biggest single factor in increasing detection rates of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is sonographer training and so we’re proud to reveal that, since 2016, we have trained 967 sonographers throughout the UK.

East and West Midlands


We’ve recently wrapped up our East and West Midlands training projects, where we have trained 322 sonographers across the region since last September. Our specialist fetal cardiac training gives sonographers the confidence and skills they need to detect heart defects during pregnancy scans.

Every two hours, a baby is born with CHD in the UK. Pre-natal detection enables the delivery and care of these heart babies to be carefully planned – giving them the best chance of survival.

Our training covers the most up-to-date recommendations on what sonographers should look for when examining the heart as part of the 20-week scan. Sonographers should obtain five views of the heart  during the scan. The most recent addition is the 3 vessel and trachea (3VT) view. Sonographers attending the training will be taught how to best to carry out the cardiac part of the 20-week scan, including this relatively new addition to the examination.

One recipient of our training said, ‘I am currently a trainee sonographer and I have learned so much today. Thanks to your training, I will be much more thorough when scanning fetal hearts.’

1000 Sonographers


In June, we will train our one thousandth sonographer. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages so you can celebrate this amazing milestone with us!

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