Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) – Mollie’s Story

When Mollie’s mum, Alison, went for her 12 week-scan, she found out her baby had a high chance of being born with Downs Syndrome. Mollie arrived 25 weeks later with no signs of Downs Syndrome, but Alison quickly realised something wasn’t right with Mollie’s breathing. This is their story:

12 Week Scan

‘Mollie’s journey all started at my 12 week scan. The sonographer told me there was a very high chance Mollie would have Downs Syndrome. This in itsself caused panic and upset, but I decided not go for any of the tests offered because I knew I would love my baby no matter what.

My 35 week midwife appointment was incredibly traumatic. On finding that my baby’s heartbeat was dangerously low, the midwife told me to rush into hospital straight away so doctors could monitor her.

VSD Mollie


Mollie’s Arrival

Mollie was born at home at 37 weeks, with no sign of Downs Syndrome.

Two days days after she was born, I knew something wasn’t right with her breathing. The midwife was due to come round and visit, so I pointed it out to her. She saw why I was worried and immediately called 999.

We rushed Mollie straight into intensive care. There, they discovered she had three holes in her heart. This was undoubtedly one of the worst moments of my life. To see my precious newborn baby all wired up was just so upsetting.

Since that initial stay in intensive care, Mollie has been in hospital four times. She wasn’t putting on weight and then she kept getting bronchiolitis.

VSD Mollie


Future surgery for Mollie’s VSD

Two of the holes in Mollie’s heart have closed up, but her paediatric cardiologist is very worried about the position of the VSD. We will attend a check up appointment in June where the doctors will discuss surgery with us.

Mollie is now seven months old. Due to the frequent bouts of bronchiolitis, Mollie is now on a Ventolin inhaler because she can get very wheezy.

Having Mollie has changed my life. The experience has made me want to study maternity support, so I can help other mums and babies. I’m also keen to get involved with charities such as Tiny Tickers.

Things that used to matter before don’t seem so important nowadays because I’ve realised how fragile life is.’

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