1000 trained sonographers…and counting

From our Head of Training, Anne Rhodes: “Tiny Tickers is thrilled to announce that we have just passed another milestone…”

Anne Rhodes, Tiny Tickers Head of Training

Anne Rhodes, Tiny Tickers Head of Training

“Tiny Tickers is thrilled to announce that we have just passed another milestone –  our 1000th sonographer has completed their Tiny Tickers training in detecting heart defects in unborn babies.

With one third of serious heart defects undetected before birth, it is vital that we train and educate as many professionals as possible – as each early detection can massively increase the survival chances of these babies. We have recently welcomed two new trainers into our team, bringing the total to nine across the UK and helping to speed up the process of training across all UK regions.

I am enormously proud of the work that we are doing at Tiny Tickers. We have a dedicated – and growing – team, with a genuine enthusiasm to train and inspire health professionals to recognise cardiac abnormalities in the antenatal period.

For me personally, the strides forward we have made since I joined the team in January have given me a great sense of pride and achievement. I would like to thank everyone involved with Tiny Tickers for their generous help, support and loyalty.”

Sonographer Cardiac Training

Our trainer, Niki, with sonographers from Russell Hall Hospital