A message of thanks from Tommy’s Mum

Our Test for Tommy campaign is dedicated to the memory of baby Tommy and aims to ensure that every baby is given the test that could help save their life. Natasha, Tommy’s Mum, wanted to say thank you for the overwhelming support shown to both Tiny Tickers, and Tommy’s family, as a result of this appeal:

Test for Tommy

The latest addition to Natasha’s family, Albie, received a pulse oximetry test because of his big brother

The support we’ve received has been overwhelming and I can’t express how much it means to my family and I. To see Tommy’s name front such a fantastic appeal is amazing; more than we could have ever hoped for. The response has completely blown us away; from donations, to helping raise awareness, to parents sharing their stories of loss. Every person who has donated, shared, liked and commented with their personal stories have played a huge part of this success and I can’t thank you enough. The support we have received has only made us stronger and more determined than ever. When something causes your child upset or hurt, you try your best as a parent to right the wrong. This is what we are doing; we are trying to end the hurt caused by congenital heart disease in it’s many forms so that Tommy’s sacrifice isn’t in vain. Tommy’s death has become so much more than just a tragedy; Tommy is now a reason for positive change, saving other babies’ lives and giving them the chance he never had; to fight for his life.

I’m not sure how far we could have come without each and every person who has backed this campaign in different ways. So as a parent, I can’t thank you enough for helping me leave a legacy to my son and find strength to fight undiagnosed CHD. As long as we have your backing, we can be the change that really does save lives.

Thank you all,

From Natasha, Tommy’s Mum.

About Test for Tommy:

Tiny Tickers has now placed 70 machines across the UK and counting, but we need your help to achieve our ambitions of 330 machines being placed by 2021.

Each machine costs around £725 to buy and place in a hospital, together we can make sure every hospital has access to at least one of these potentially life-saving machines. To donate towards our pulse oximetry campaign and help ensure that every newborn has access to this test – donate here. Or simply text PULSEOX 5 to 70085.