Tiny Tickers response to BBC News investigation into private baby scans

Tiny Tickers is concerned by the findings of the BBC News investigation into private baby scans. We have long backed calls for sonography to be a regulated profession – something we believe is important for the protection of the public and to help the dedicated NHS sonographers who look after them. We fully support medical professionals and groups who are calling for this to happen. It is wrong that anyone can set up a private scanning business and call themselves a sonographer.

The two NHS scans offered to pregnant women at around 12 and 20-weeks are vitally important appointments, and the best opportunity to assess the development of your baby. Our research shows many people do not fully understand the crucial role of these NHS scans. Our Think 20 awareness campaign empowers pregnant women to better understand the 20-week screening and its role in checking the development of their baby’s heart.

Companies offering private scans have a responsibility to the women they screen and their babies – and that responsibility must come ahead of profits. We recommend women who choose to have additional private scans empower themselves by making sure they understand the scan’s purpose and limitations, and the qualifications of the person carrying out the appointment.

Seeing your baby on screen can be a wonderful experience, but there are times when private screening will lead to potential health issues being detected. Providers of private scans must take responsibility for ensuring any suspected findings are communicated and followed-up in the appropriate way – ensuring pregnant women and their babies receive the highest standards of care and support.

Pregnancy scans should be about babies, not profits.

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