We have something exciting to tell you…

The last twelve months have seen a lot of changes for our tiny charity. We’ve had to pause some of
our projects and we’ve launched new areas of support all in the midst of a global pandemic. And just
when we thought our supporters couldn’t be any more amazing you’ve blown us away with your
involvement in Heart Week 2021.

This year’s Heart Week was fantastic, there were sponsored walks, half marathons, dog washes and
even bird feeder sales raising thousands. Now more than ever your support has astounded us and
we couldn’t be more grateful. Now for the exciting part, how much did you raise? Well, we’ll leave
that up to our tiny supporters to tell you…  

Why does this matter?

Coronavirus has hit us all hard. It has changed our world as we know it, limiting our contact with
loved ones and created challenges at home and at work. However, Coronavirus doesn’t change the
fact that a baby is born with a congenital heart defect every two hours in the UK. Much of what is
normal in our lives may have shut down, but our cause has not closed.  

Thank you for helping us to ensure babies like Maisie get the best possible start in life.