Nominate Tiny Tickers And Help Us Do More For Tiny Hearts This October.

We are taking part in a charity nomination poll throughout October at My Favourite Voucher Codes and we have a chance of winning 20% of the site’s profits for October! 

My Favourite Voucher Codes is a money saving website, and since their launch in 2012, they have saved money for their users whilst raising money for amazing causes every month. To date, they have raised over £60,000 for over 100 different causes.

This October, we are delighted to have been chosen as one of the four charities, but we need your help! Please nominate us to help us win the monthly donation. At the end of the month, the charity who has the most votes from website visitors will win the prize donation.

The poll will be running from the 1st – 31st October, and you will be able to cast your vote any time during this period. And every time a user makes a purchase through the site, the bigger the potential donation pot for the winning charity! If you are a regular online shopper, you can save a couple of extra pounds on your shopping and contribute to the donation at no extra cost. As they run a charity poll every month, every time you visit their site and cast a  vote or shop, you will have a huge impact on non-profit organisations who are working towards a better, safer and healthier world every day.

Tiny Tickers is the only UK charity working to improve detection rates of heart conditions in babies. Our work delivers real life-saving results to heart babies, their families, and the health professionals that look after them. We are a small charity, but with the help of all of our supporters and the heart community, we can continue to deliver a huge impact for all tiny hearts. With your support, we could save the lives of many more babies.