Top Ten Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Hi, I’m Max, I am thirteen years old and have written these fundraising ideas for kids because I’ve done loads of fundraising for Tiny Tickers.

Fundraising is a great way to get involved with a charity and raise some money. I have done it many times and loved doing it. Here are some fundraising ideas that can help kids raise money. I did walking up mountains and also a 26 challenge (a different challenge involving the number 26 for 26 days) in the Covid lockdown.

I did these because my sister, Zoe, has congenital heart disease and Down’s syndrome and had to have heart surgery when she was a baby. I have learnt how amazing Tiny Tickers is and wanted to raise money. My family did the 2.6 challenge together and I did the Yorkshire Three Peaks with my dad. I really enjoy fundraising and hope these fundraising ideas for kids ideas will help you fundraise too!

fundraising ideas for kids
One of the 2.6 challenges, a 26 domino run.

1. Do something you enjoy

The main thing with fundraising is to have fun, do something that you want to do and won’t quit halfway through. Don’t do something too easy however, no one is going to pay you to eat chocolate! Tiny Tickers already have some good ideas, checkout their yearly 125 challenge here.

2. Get a fundraising site

Use an online fundraising website to collect donations for you – like JustGiving or Facebook Fundraiser. This makes it really easy – you can send out the link on email and social media and people can donate online. You can use paper sponsorship forms too, and collect cash – Tiny Tickers can send you forms and a collecting tin if you need them.

3. Spread the word

Tell your friends and family about what you are doing so they can cheer you on and donate! Maybe post online about what you are doing and get as much support as you can.

fundraising ideas for kids
Coming down off my first of three mountains in the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge.

4. Set an achievable target

Set a goal that you want to raise to, don’t go too big though! Start small and you can always raise it. People might donate more if they can get you over your target. I set a target of £250, enough for one pulse oximetry machine, but in the end I raised enough for two!

5. Tell the charity

When I did my fundraising, I got a Tiny Tickers t-shirt to wear whilst I did it. They also spread the word and got me more donations, and gave me a nice thank you card after. Work together with the charity so you can have the best experience possible.

fundraising ideas for kids
Climbing the second mountain.

6. Engage your supporters

Keep them updated, get them involved. Maybe send them lots of photos to show how well you are doing! This way they will always know what is happening and if they see how engaged you are, they might donate a bit more!

7. Be proud

Remember what an amazing effort you are doing, and how considerate you are to donate to charity.

fundraising ideas for kids
The finishing point after three mountains, 24 miles!

8. Why are you fundraising?

Think of the reason you are raising, does the charity mean something to you, do you have a relative helped by the charity? Know you are raising for a good cause. I wanted to help Tiny Tickers because I am grateful for all the nurses and doctors who help to save the lives of babies with CHD and know that the charity does lots to help them.

9. Keep motivated

Sometimes fundraising can be difficult, people aren’t donating or you set your challenge too difficult. Keep going! This will make the end result even better, knowing you stuck at it.

fundraising ideas for kids
26 hole, self-made golf course


This is the most important one, enjoy every minute of the fundraising – you are doing something amazing!

fundraising ideas for kids
26 items of clothing worn.

Have these fundraising ideas for kids inspired you? Take a look at all the ways you can help tiny hearts here.