Our Plans & Ambitions

We’re a small charity with big ambitions. Our mission is to help babies with serious heart conditions – particularly by improving detection rates during pregnancy and in newborns.

Our vision is that every baby with a serious heart condition has equal access to high-quality prenatal and neonatal services – to ensure their condition is detected as early as is medically possible; that their care begins at the first opportunity; and their family accesses the best possible information and support.

Prenatal detection rates have doubled since Tiny Tickers was launched – and we’re proud of our role in that. But we’d like them to be much higher and more consistent across the UK – at the moment fewer than half of heart defects are detected during pregnancy and, in some regions, the figure is as lower as around 1 in 4 babies.

Our ambitions

We want to give heart babies a better start. So we want:

Plans for this year and beyond

We’re a growing charity and, every year, we aim to have an even greater impact that the previous year. So, our plans for the current year include:

It’s only with the generous backing of our fabulous supporters and wonderful funders that we are able to continue to grow and launch ambition new projects. We can’t thank you enough!