Brand Guidelines

Thank you for choosing to support Tiny Tickers – your support really does mean the world to our tiny charity! Below you will find some downloadable images to help you when promoting your fundraising. Simply right click to save each image as a png file, or click on the download link for a pdf.

  1. Fundraising in aid of logo

2. Tiny Tickers logo

3. What your donation could do

4. Heart Icon

5. What is CHD?

6. Thank you

We have many more assets, including our Think HEART and Think 20 images, available for use. Please email if you would like additional images.

A few things to remember:

💛 Please always refer to our organisation as Tiny Tickers, especially in any external communications.

💛 If you are an individual, organisation or charity fundraising on behalf of Tiny Tickers, please use the phrase “in aid of” on your fundraising literature and materials (with logo 1 above).

💛 If you create new social media accounts to help promote your fundraising, please don’t use Tiny Tickers in the profile or account name.

💛 Please don’t use the Tiny Tickers logo as the profile picture for any social media accounts, as this can get confusing for people searching for our official accounts.

💛 Please don’t alter our logo or images in any way.

💛 If you would like help designing images or have any questions, please email and she will be happy to help.