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Shone Syndrome – Joey’s Story

Joey has a rare heart condition called Shone Syndrome. Being diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease at mum, Chelsea’s 20-week scan meant he had a care plan put in place straight away and his family were fully prepared for his arrival. Here Chelsea tells their story:

Critical Aortic Stenosis – Lennox’s Story

By the time Lennox’s heart condition, Critical Aortic Stenosis, was diagnosed, doctors had been working for two hours to save hime. Lennox’s mum, Danielle, is forever grateful she trusted her instincts when she first felt something wasn’t right with her baby. This is their story:

Double Outlet Right Ventricle – Oliver’s Story

Megan’s son, Oliver, was born with Double Outlet Right Ventricle, Pulmonary Artresia and a large VSD. He fought hard all his life, but tragically passed away soon after his first birthday. This is their story: