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Why support Tiny Tickers?

As many as 1 in every 125 babies in the UK has a congenital heart defect but 1,000 newborns are sent home from hospital every year in the UK with no one realising they are suffering from a potentially life-threatening condition.

Tiny Tickers is the only UK charity dedicated to improving national detection rates for CHD. We receive no statutory funding and rely on the support of the public to fund our running costs and projects. We campaign and provide training so that more babies hearts are given a better start, and we concentrate on detection during pregnancy as we know that the earlier a heart defect is identified, the greater the chance of survival.

Tiny Tickers works to ensure that every baby born with a heart defect has an equal chance to fight their condition, and lead a healthy and normal life.

With your support, we can achieve great things:

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