Tiny Tickers Heart Week

Heart Week takes place every year from the 7th to the 14th February!

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Hundreds of people from across the country come together every February to celebrate and honour heart heroes everywhere, by fundraising and raising awareness as part of Tiny Tickers Heart Week. We’d love to see you join in!

What is Heart Week?

Heart Week is Tiny Ticker’s annual celebration of heart heroes everywhere. It’s our chance to come together to help babies born with serious heart conditions, their families and the health professionals that care for them. Over the years we’ve seen individuals, companies, community groups and schools hold a range of fundraising activities. From crafting and cake sales to marathons and skydives, we’ve had it all – even dancing 25 miles across Scotland during one of the coldest weeks of the year!

How can I get involved?

You can celebrate heart heroes, raising money and awareness, in lots of different ways. From bake sales and coffee mornings to sponsored runs and skydives. Although we put a spotlight on all heart heroes during February you can hold a Heart Week event at any time – and we’ll send you some fundraising goodies to help.

Remember: although Tiny Tickers annual celebration of Heart Heroes, Heart Week, takes place every year in February – you can get involved all year round!

Meet Barney, one of last year’s super-cute fundraisers!

Barney's Raffle

Barney’s proud mum, Emma says: “I decided I wanted to take part in Heart Week when I was sitting beside my son, Barney, in hospital during Heart Week of 2021. He was two weeks old and had recently left intensive care after his open heart surgery at seven days old. I decided to hold an online raffle where I gathered prizes, which were kindly donated by businesses. Tiny Tickers have been a huge support to us as a family and by raising money it felt as though as could give a little bit back.”

They raised a whopping £1,237.00!

Meet Suzanna and her heart baby, Liam

Suzanna says: “After having Liam, we had the shock of our lives. We had a normal pregnancy, with no complications, and all his scans seemed absolutely fine. After a 36 hour labour, Liam arrived and seemed to be doing well. Eight hours after his arrival, he took a turn for the worse and his oxygen levels plummeted. Liam was admitted to NICU, was given antibiotics and was closely monitored. During his regular observations, they picked up a heart murmur, so decided to do a chest scan. That was when they discovered that he had a complete AVSD (atrioventricular septal defect – hole in the heart).”

Babies with poorly hearts need us – and they need you too.

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