The 125 Challenge

1 month. 125 challenges.

1 in every 125 babies is born in the UK with a serious heart condition. By taking on The 125 Challenge, you can help them.

There’s so much you could do in one month – 125 things to be exact!

You could walk 125 miles, bake 125 cakes or do 125 squats per day. You could bounce on the trampoline or space hopper 125 times a day, swim 125 laps, sing 125 songs, take 125 photos or draw 125 pictures… whatever you do, your 125 can make a huge difference for heart babies!

Join the 125 Challenge in three easy steps:

The 125 Challenge
  1. Decide on your challenge! Our 125 fundraising pack has loads of ideas.
  2. Set up a Just Giving or create a Facebook Fundraiser via our Facebook Challenge page to collect sponsorship (just click on ‘Get started’ to create your fundraiser). If you choose to fundraise on Facebook, don’t forget to join our 125 Challenge group too!
  3. Let us know you’re taking part by filling in the form at the bottom of the page, so we can send you a fundraising pack, a social media pack and support you throughout your 125 challenge!

Whatever you do, remember why you’re doing it…

Charlie’s heart condition wasn’t diagnosed until he was 19 months old. His mum, Beccy, had concerns about his weight from day one, but due to the pandemic, she was unable to take him to a clinic.

He continued struggling to put on weight and, when he reached 12 months, he started vomiting after meals. Beccy took him to the GP many times, but her concerns were dismissed as ‘an overreaction’. Charlie was in heart failure by the time his condition was diagnosed.

Beccy says, “Had Charlie’s condition been found earlier, he wouldn’t have been in heart failure before they operated. I wouldn’t have had the months of fighting to be heard. Charlie is also being tested for other conditions that may have arisen due to the heart failure.”

Read Charlie’s story here.

The 1 in 125 can’t wait. Will you help us to help them?

Your 125 can help the 1 in every 125 babies, like Charlie, who is born with a serious heart condition in the UK. Every penny you raise will help us train more sonographers, place more life-saving equipment in maternity units and spread awareness of the signs and symptoms of congenital heart disease (CHD) in newborn babies.

Join the 125 Challenge!

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