Donate your birthday

Your birthday can save lives

This year, why not celebrate another journey around the sun by donating your birthday to Tiny Tickers and making a big difference for babies born with serious heart conditions.

Our mission is that every baby with a serious heart condition has their condition detected as soon as medically possible and that their family gets the support they need.

We know that early detection of congenital heart disease (CHD) saves lives. By donating your birthday, you can help us:

💛 Train more sonographers to detect heart defects at pregnancy scans

💛 Place more potentially life-saving pulse oximetry machines in maternity units

💛 Spread awareness of the five key signs a baby may have an undetected heart defect to new parents

💛 Support the families of babies with CHD

How can I donate my birthday?

It’s simple! There are a few ways you can use your birthday to help save lives.

Create a Facebook fundraiser

Create a Facebook birthday fundraiser, where your friends and family can donate in honour of your big day. We receive 100% of the donations received. Please remember to tell everyone eligible for Gift Aid to tick the box!

Or, in the Facebook app, search ‘fundraisers’ and choose Tiny Tickers as your charity.

Create an Instagram fundraiser

From your Instagram profile, tap on ‘+’, then ‘Fundraiser’. Select Tiny Tickers as your charity and start fundraising!

Start a Just Giving page

If you don’t use social media, you can create a birthday fundraiser through Just Giving. Just follow the link below and choose Tiny Tickers as your charity.

Thank you for making a big difference!