Pay in money offline

Send a donation by post

Thank you for supporting Tiny Tickers. To send a donation, complete and send your money with a completed copy of our Tiny Tickers Donation Form, or pay in fundraising monies using our Tiny Tickers Paying in Form and send, with your cheque made payable to Tiny Tickers, to:

Tiny Tickers, PO Box 369, Leeds, LS26 1FR

Transferring money to our bank account

You can transfer money into the Tiny Tickers bank account by BACS. Please email for more information.

Paying in online

You can also pay in your fundraising monies via the Tiny Tickers’ donation page on BT My Donate

All donations will be acknowledged as soon as possible.

Gift Aid

Remember to tick the Gift Aid declaration if you are eligible. Here is our easy to understand guide to Gift Aid.