Be a daredevil for Tiny Tickers- feel the adrenaline while jumping out of an aircraft either in tandem or solo, enjoy freefalling for several thousand feet before deploying your parachute… and do it to help babies with CHD.

All you need to do is raise a minimum amount of sponsorship money and you can jump for free. Tiny Tickers will receive an average donation of £140.  In addition to this, every extra pound that you raise over the minimum comes straight to Tiny Tickers, so please try to raise as much as you possibly can.

As part of the Tiny Tickers skydive team you will receive a welcome pack and if you would like a t-shirt please let us know your size. Also, please send us your photos and videos so we can add them to our website!

You have 3 options…

Tandem skydiveStatic LineAccelerated freefall
Minimum sponsorship level£395£360£535
Jump altitude10,000ft3,000ft10,000ft
Duration 1 day2 days2 days
Jump solo or with instructorWith an instructorSoloSolo
Is it for me?Ideal if you want to experience 120mph freefall without having to do a day’s trainingFor those who want to jump solo and also take the first step towards jumping regularlyFirst level of a professional skydiverscourse!


* For airfields based in Scotland and Northern Ireland the minimum sponsorship level for a tandem skydive is £450.

You can read about doing a parachute for Tiny Tickers on the Skyline website and just get in touch if you have any questions. email us at for more information or see  lots of FAQs on the Skyline website here

Once you have decided to take the leap, book your jump online here !