At university

There are many ways that you can fundraise for Tiny Tickers while you are at University and if you contact us we can help you with hints, tips and advice.

Firstly, contact your Student Union and find out if you have a Student RAG, how it operates, who is in charge and how they choose the charities that they support. You may need to nominate us or we may need to apply to the RAG committee, but let us know and we can do all we can to be one of the chosen ones!

They may also have some tried and tested events planned throughout the year and you could nominate Tiny Tickers to benefit.

If you want to organise your own event for Tiny Tickers, we can help you with materials and collecting tins. You could choose from any of the ideas in our fundraising toolkit or come up with your own. Here are some to get you started:

Contact us with any questions or for more ideas!

Thank you so much for supporting Tiny Tickers and good luck!