At work

Our life-saving work wouldn’t be possible without the extraordinary generosity of our corporate partners. Being a national charity, we partner with companies of all sizes on a local, regional and national basis. We have lots of ways for you to support Tiny Tickers at work.


Does your company nominate a Charity of the Year? Contact us for more details on how we can support you, by tailoring a bespoke partnership to suit you and your colleagues. We can provide you with the fundraising ideas, materials and support to make your experience with Tiny Tickers unforgettable and rewarding.

Partnering with Tiny Tickers can also generate goodwill with your customers, suppliers and the local community.


Whether it’s a one off event or a long term partnership, employee fundraising is a great way to create common goals and increase staff morale.

We have the experience and expertise to maximise the benefits of staff fundraising. We can work with you to develop a calendar of fundraising events and help communicate the partnership aims internally and externally.

We have a wealth of fun and innovative fundraising ideas that provide an easy and cost-effective way to raise money to help more babies with CHD.

Get in touch with any questions or to request your free fundraising toolkit!

But if you’re feeling more energetic, why not enter an office team in one of the more energetic pursuits listed here, or better still challenge other local businesses to enter teams as well and sort out just who is the best, once and for all!


Payroll giving is a great way for employees and Tiny Tickers to continue receiving the benefit of your gift. Your donation is given before tax – so if you donate £10, it will cost you £8 – the taxman will pay the rest!

Contact your Payroll department to find out if they operate a payroll giving scheme, they will be able to guide you through the details.


By making a donation to Tiny Tickers every time a customer purchases your product, you can boost sales and raise goodwill amongst your customer base.


Corporate support does not have to be financial.  You can provide invaluable assistance by donating your time, products, services and expertise, allowing Tiny Tickers to put more funds into our life saving work.


By sponsoring materials that we produce to send to professionals, parents and the general public you can be associated with our live saving work.  Speak to us about what materials would be a perfect fit for your company.

You can read more about what corporate support means to Tiny Tickers here.

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