Fundraising Ideas for Heart Week

There are lots of things you can do during Heart Week, and we have cherry-picked just a few ideas.


Caesers Casino Bake Sale for Tiny Tickers

Tea Party for Tiny Tickers – tea and cakes all round!  Organise a Bake Sale, judge the best entries, award prizes and sell the goodies !


Dress up or dress down day in the Office and dress up as your favourite Superhero, comic book character or film star. Donate £1 to take part or £2 to opt out!


Jar of sweets– fill a jar or bottle with Love Hearts and charge your friends and colleagues £1 to guess how many are in there!  Winner takes the sweeties!


Can you guess who this is?



Who’s the baby? get your friends and colleagues to bring in a photograph of when they were a baby/toddler and charge £1 to guess who they have grown up to be. Secure a prize from the local shop for the winner!


Or for more ideas, hints and tips on how to raise the most money from your event

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