Tiny Tickers’ Big Knit

Do you love knitting? Are you a whizz with your needles?

Why not use your skills to make bonding squares for heart babies in intensive care?

What are bonding squares?

When a baby is in intensive care, their parents are often unable to give them a cuddle or hold them for long periods of time like they otherwise would. Bonding squares can help parents and babies in this situation feel closer.

One knitted square is kept with the baby and the other on a parent’s body. Every twelve hours they swap the squares over, helping parent and baby to bond by smell.

How can I help?

We’re asking our supporters to knit Tiny Tickers bonding squares, which we’ll send on to heart units across the country.

Using the pattern below, you can knit Tiny Tickers bonding sqaures, to help parents and babies bond and remind them that Tiny Tickers is here for them during their hospital stay and beyond.

Download the pattern and diagram here:

When you have completed your bonding squares, please email fundraising@tinytickers.org and we’ll tell you where to send them.

Meet the creators of the Tiny Tickers bonding square

We’d like to say a big thank you to heart mum, Helen, for coming up with the idea and her mum, Diane, for writing the pattern. When Helen was knitting squares to send to a mum she met in the Tiny Tickers Facebook support group, she realised she could take the idea further and the Tiny Tickers Big Knit was born!

Helen, Diane and Oliver.

Enjoy your knitting and thank you for getting involved in the Tiny Tickers Big Knit!