Volunteer for Us

Volunteers are a huge part of our team here at Tiny Tickers and make an incredible difference to the work we do and the people we can reach.

My son George was one of the 1000 babies sent home from hospital with an undiagnosed heart condition. Luckily, after a few weeks he was diagnosed and underwent life-saving surgery at four months old. He is now four years old and doing brilliantly. I know other families have not been so fortunate, which is why Tiny Tickers’ mission to improve early detection is a cause that is so important to me. Not being one for running marathons or taking part in daredevil stunts to help raise funds, I was delighted to be able to offer my skills as a graphic designer to help promote Heart Week and inspire Tiny Tickers supporters to get fundraising. It gives me enormous pleasure to be able to support this incredible charity and everything they do to help tiny hearts.” – Claire

As a small charity we rely on volunteers to represent us in their local communities and to support the various activities and events we hold throughout the year.

Whether you can spare a few days every month or an afternoon once a year, we have a volunteering role for you and we would love to have you on the Tiny Tickers team!

Please get in touch by emailing info@tinytickers.org for more information.

Another way to help spread awareness of congenital heart disease (CHD) and our work is by sharing your story. If you’d like to be a media volunteer and share your story on our website and social media channels, please follow the link below. Thank you.