Volunteer for Us

Volunteers are a huge part of our team here at Tiny Tickers and make an incredible difference to the work we do and the people we can reach.

As a small charity we rely on volunteers to represent us in their local communities and to support the various activities and events we hold throughout the year.

Whether you can spare a few days every month or an afternoon once a year, we have a volunteering role for you and we would love to have you on the Tiny Tickers team! There are lots of ways you can volunteer so please take a look at all the fantastic ways you can help.


Are you happy to share your experience of CHD with the world? By doing so we can raise vital awareness of CHD and you will be offering much-needed support to families going through a similar experience.

Role description – Media Volunteer

If you would like to share your story, please fill in your details here and we will be in touch soon!


This is a simple and brilliant way to help raise awareness of Tiny Tickers and raise some money for us at the same time. If you can spare a few hours then please just let us know and we can apply for permission for you to collect in a local supermarket or town centre. We will provide you with a t-shirt, collection tin, and everything you need so please get in touch!

If you would like to hear more or to apply, please email fundraising@tinytickers.org

Thank you for making a big difference for babies born with serious heart conditions, their families and the health professionals who support them.

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