Accessibility Statement

Tiny Tickers is committed to providing a website that is accessible and easy to use for the widest range of visitors possible, regardless of disability or impairment. We believe that this is an ongoing process and are constantly seeking to improve in this area.

Keyboard Navigation

Using the keyboard for navigation is often handy and quick to use.

There are a few simple techniques for navigating in this way:

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This site has been optimised for use with all speech enabled programs and browsers.

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Document downloads

There are a number of PDF documents available for download across the site. You can find out more about how to configure the free Adobe Reader software to obtain greater access to PDF files by visiting the Adobe site.

Download Adobe Reader for free (


We are continually seeking to make improvements to the site and welcome any comments, suggestions or feedback. If you are using adaptive technology and are having problems accessing information on the site, please email with details of the problem you encountered and the technology you are using.