Pulse Oximetry Resources for Professionals

We are here to support healthcare professionals working with babies, children and families affected by congenital heart defects. We work to improve the early detection and treatment of babies with congenital heart disease (CHD) and we recognise the important role that pulse oximetry testing of newborns can have in detection of CHD.

Pulse oximetry testing as a newborn screening tool is an established practice, and one that many countries around the world are now either introducing or considering. In this country, it is currently up to individual hospital trusts to decide whether to offer the test to their patients – with recent research showing around 40% (and increasing) of NHS Trusts are already doing so. We hope this project will accelerate the take-up of the test in the UK. We encouraged parental involvement in the UK National Screening Committee consultation in 2019 and ​​we are disappointed that the result hasn’t been immediately positive. We hope that the NHS will take on-board the in-depth evidence presented by health professionals, and parents, alike, and make a decision that benefits every newborn.

If you have recently introduced the test at your unit then we hope these resources are of use. If you work for an NHS Trust or in a frontline maternity unit that does not currently offer the test, then we may be able to fund machines for you. You can apply for machines here.


Useful links

Research on pulse oximetry testing by Professor Andrew Ewer, Professor of Neonatal Medicine at University of Birmingham

UK National Screening Committee

Information on the UK National Screening Committee’s consultation and outcomes on pulse oximetry screening 

The Neonatal GIRFT report (includes recommendations on pulse oximetry screening)

*Please note, as per our charitable objectives, pulse oximetry machines are funded by Tiny Tickers for the purposes of assisting with the possible detection of congenital heart disease in newborn babies.