Frequently Asked Questions about our Training

Here is some key information for health professionals who are looking to organise a sonographer training day on site at their hospitals.

How can I take part in a training day?

We normally provide training to sonographers as a department in their own hospital using their own familiar equipment, and so the best approach would be to speak to your department lead to see if something can be arranged for your hospital. Please ask them to complete our training application form in order to request training.

If my department is not taking part in face-to-face training how can I access training as an individual?

Tiny Tickers also has a wealth of training information on our website, including information about different types of conditions, and a cardiac hub full of dedicated resources. We also provide webinars for sonographers and cardiac health professionals and more information on these can be found on our website or by signing up for our health professional newsletter.

How can I arrange training for my department?

Please complete our new training application form and we will get back to you with more details. If you have any problems with completing the application please email

How many sonographers can you train per day?

We can train up to 10 people in one day. If you have fewer sonographers than this, please consider joining up with another hospital or contact us to discuss further.

What do hospitals have to arrange for the training day?

Hospitals will need to provide a private scanning room, a room in which to give the presentation and recruit volunteers for scanning for the day. All volunteers will need to sign a consent form which will be provided.

What does the training cover?

Our training covers all five views, supported by FASP’s fetal cardiac protocol:

Abdominal situs

Four chambers

Left ventricular outflow tract

Right ventricular outflow tract/3VV

Three vessel trachea

Do you have any options for free training?

Yes. We are pleased to offer hospitals the chance to apply for our new National Training Fund in order to receive fully funded hands-on training.

How do I apply for training from the National Training Fund?

All NHS hospitals carrying out 20-week scans are welcome to apply for fully funded training. There are a limited number of days available. Please complete the application form here.

How will Tiny Tickers assess applications for fully funded training?

A limited number of fully funded training days are available and we anticipate a high demand. Tiny Tickers will prioritise free training based on detection rate data, geographical location and take into account how recently any previous training has taken place and the date of application. 

How much does paid-for training cost?

If your NHS hospital or Trust is unsuccessful in applying for fully funded training or wishes to pay for training the cost per day is approximately £675. This includes a presentation, hands-on training for up to 10 sonographers and training materials for each sonographer including our new cardiac information cards.

I work for a private scanning clinic, can we receive training?

Yes, please contact for more details. Private clinics are not eligible to apply for the National Training Fund.

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How can I purchase a set of sonographer cardiac cards?

All sonographers who attend one of our training days in their hospital will receive a set of cards as part of their training package. Alternatively, the cards can be purchased for £12 per set which goes towards covering our costs. If you would like to purchase a set of cards, please confirm your address to and how many sets you require and we will email an invoice with details of how to make a payment and send them out to you.

How can I purchase a situs doll for my department?

Situs dolls are provided as part of hands-on training packages to all departments and have often been generously funded and named by Tiny Tickers’ supporters. However, additional situs dolls can be secured for your unit, for a donation of £12.50 (incl p&p). Please email and we will email you an invoice with details of how to make the payment.

For any further questions please email