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1 in every 125 babies in the UK is born with a serious heart condition – that’s 6,000 babies every year. Yet, 1,000 of these babies will leave hospital with no-one knowing they are dangerously ill. This puts them at risk of heart failure and other complications. Sadly, some babies don’t get the treatment they need in time for it to save them.

Knowing how to Think HEART could save a life. Know the signs and please share this important message. Thank you.

#chd #chdawareness #ThinkHEART

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Every year, 1000 newborn babies are sent home from UK hospitals with no-one knowing they have a life threatening-heart defect.

Knowing how to Think HEART can save lives. Please share this message ❤️

#ThinkHEART #chd #chdawareness

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