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Wherever you are on your journey, we’re here to offer the support and information you need. Whether you are about to have your 20 week pregnancy scan; have a newborn baby; or have already had a diagnosis of CHD – these pages aim to give you key information and signpost you to other organisations who can also help.

If you have any questions or concerns not covered in these pages, please contact us via or our Contact Us page. Please note Tiny Tickers can’t provide medical advice – please always seek advice from relevant healthcare professionals.

Introduction to CHD

Heart defects are the most common congenital birth problem. Find out more about the causes of heart problems; how it is detected; and options for treatment – and learn which specialist centres carry out children’s heart surgery in the UK and Ireland. Plus, read one mum’s blog as she tells her story from detection through to surgery. Read more here.

Are you pregnant?

If you’re expecting a baby, you can find out all about your 20 week scan. Find out how much you know through our Think 20. Think HEART online quiz, learn what to expect from the appointment, and why it is so important in checking your baby’s heart development. Our Think 20 campaign helps parents-to-be learn more about their baby’s heart – order your free information card today. Read more…

Have you been told at your antenatal scan that there may be a problem with your baby’s heart? Read about what to expect from the next steps here.

Just had a baby?

We think it’s vital that all new parents know the key signs that their baby could have an undiagnosed heart condition. Our Think HEART campaign does just that – learn the five signs, and what to do if you are worried about your baby’s heart health. Read more…

Has your baby got CHD?

Receiving a diagnosis that your baby has a serious heart condition is an incredibly difficult time. But you are not alone. Find out how to access the support and information you need, including receiving a copy of Tiny Tickers’ New Diagnosis Booklet with advice and information about what you can expect in the future. Read more…

Useful links

Here are links to organisations you may find useful – including all the children’s heart surgery units in the UK and Ireland; official NHS information sites; and other organisations offering support to parents-to-be who have had a diagnosis.

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