Around 30,000 infants are admitted to hospital in England each year with bronchiolitis. It is the most common reason for infant hospitalisation. Heart babies, babies with lung conditions and those born prematurely are more at risk.

While bronchiolitis symptoms are usually mild and only last for a few days,  babies who were born with a heart condition are at higher risk of developing severe bronchiolitis. 

That’s why Tiny Tickers is raising awareness of bronchiolitis by sharing Abbvie’s More Than A Cold campaign.

bronchiolitis‘He had been suffering from a cough and cold for a few days, but is had worsened, he was wheezy and we were due to see the GP that afternoon. Around twenty minutes before our appointment, I was getting his nappy changed and putting his coat on, when I noticed he had turned blue. Flashbacks to when he was first born pre-diagnosis. I knew this was real.’

Vicki Cockerill’s son Elijah has congenital heart disease and she knows how scary cold and flu season can be . Read about her son’s experience of bronchiolitis here.

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