Coronavirus Support & Information

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been affecting people across the world, you might be worried about what this means for you and how it might affect your life. 

We’ve put together some basic information as well as an update on how the outbreak is going to affect our work at Tiny Tickers. 

Latest Information

Please follow NHS advice and Government guidance for up-to-date information as the situation continues to develop.

JANUARY 2022 UPDATE: COVID 19 vaccination for 5-17 year olds with congenital heart disease

Read the British Congenital Cardiac Association’s updated statement on COVID vaccination for 5 to 17 year olds with congenital heart disease here.

SEPTEMBER 2021 UPDATE: COVID 19 vaccination for 12-15 year olds with congenital heart disease

Read the British Congenital Cardiac Association’s advice for patients about the COVID 19 vaccination in 12-15 year olds with congenital heart disease here.

JANUARY 2021 UPDATE: BCCA immunisation guidance. 

Covid-19 vaccinations are currently being carried out in the UK. Prioritisation for the vaccine has been outlined by the UK Government.

Read the BCCA guidance for immunisation here.

DECEMBER 2020 UPDATE: BCCA publishes data on COVID-19 and CHD

The British Congenital Cardiac Association (BCCA) is conducting a national study on the impact of COVID-19 in patients with congenital heart disease. In advance of this, they have submitted a short review of the available literature, which has been published in Cardiology in the Young.
Despite the small amount of data available at this stage, the paper concludes that some “tentative conclusions” can be drawn, including that “the mortality of patients with CHD affected by COVID-19 appears low, and the disease does not appear to impact a specific form of CHD.”

You can read the full paper here.

Please note we are not medical professionals therefore if you require specific advice please call NHS 111.

Antenatal Support

Finding out your baby has a congenital heart defect is always difficult and with the uncertainties and restrictions around covid-19, we understand that you may have even more questions. The following advice and information has been collated to answer some of the most common concerns and we are here to support you during this difficult time.

This advice will be updated as new guidelines and information is available.

If you are pregnant and have been told your baby has congenital heart disease:

Preparing to give birth for women having received an antenatal diagnosis of CHD for their baby