Just had a baby?

If you’ve just had a baby – congratulations!

We hope your new little one is fighting fit and settling into the world. You probably had a 20 week scan, and your newborn will have had health checks soon after birth – so chances are your baby’s heart is absolutely fine. Around 1 in 125 babies have a heart condition – so the odds of having a baby with a defect are less than one percent.

However, every year around 1,000 newborns with serious heart problems leave UK hospitals for the first time without being diagnosed. We think it’s vital all new parents know the signs that their baby could have an undetected heart defect, and what action they can take if they have concerns.

Tiny Tickers’ Think HEART campaign

Our Think HEART campaign gives a very simple 5 point premise for us all to remember that may indicate a heart problem in a baby.  Know the signs. Think HEART.

For more information, see our Think HEART page.

Think HEARTWhat to do if you’re worried about your baby

If you have concerns about your baby’s health, please take them to see a healthcare professional to seek advice. Tell your healthcare professional about the symptoms that are worrying you, and ask them to check for signs of a heart problem.

It is especially important to seek advice as soon as possible if you have concerns in the first days and weeks after birth – some undetected heart conditions can cause illness and can even be fatal. However, heart conditions can go undetected for a number of years, so seek professional advice no matter how old your child if you have concerns.