My Think Heart Pledge

Think HEART is a campaign to highlight the 5 key signs and symptoms of a heart defect in a baby. It’s simple to learn and knowing the signs could save  a life.

H = Heart rate: Is your baby’s heart rate too fast or too slowly – it should normally be 100-160 beats per minute?

E = Energy: Is your baby sleepy, quiet or floppy? Are they too tired to feed, or falling asleep during feeds?

A = Appearance: Is your baby a pale, waxy, dusky, blue, purple, mottled or grey colour?

R = Respiration: Is your baby breathing too fast or too slowly – it should normally be 40-60 breaths per minute?

T = Temperature: Is your baby persistently cold to touch – particularly their hands and feet?

Become a heart hero,  pledge your support today.


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