Different types of congenital heart defects

There are many different types and combinations of congenital heart defects. Whatever your baby has been diagnosed with, your medical team will be able to offer you tailored advice based on the individual needs of your baby.

For many babies diagnosed with a heart defect, their condition is a minor problem which either doesn’t need any treatment or can be successfully corrected with surgery. Other conditions are more serious. Thanks to advances in early detection and treatment, most babies will be given a fighting chance to beat their condition.

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Family support packs

Family support pack

Our family support pack includes our booklet, ‘Some things we’d like to tell you about congenital heart disease’. This helps families to understand what may happen once their baby is admitted to hospital, questions to ask your care team, stories from other families, support available (including benefits), and advice on other important issues e.g. dental care and treatment. Order yours today.

Parent & carers Facebook support group

Transposition of the Great Arteries Eliot

Our private Facebook forum for heart families goes from strength to strength, offering a supportive peer environment for its members. It’s a safe and secure space to share your experiences and ask for advice. You can request to join here but please remember to answer the questions asked before you send your joining request.