Noel’s Story

When he was born, Jemma’s son, Noel, appeared to be perfectly healthy. Although a heart murmur was detected, there were no other concerns. Tragically, he passed away suddenly at eight weeks old. Here, Jemma tells their story:

Oscar’s Story

At her 12 week scan, Liz was surprised to find out she was expecting twins. Her 20 week scan showed that one twin, Oscar, had a heart condition. Sadly, at 27 weeks, Oscar passed away. She delivered both her boys at 33 weeks and tragically Oscar’s brother, Felix, also passed away in while in NICU….

Ivy’s Story

Ivy was diagnosed with numerous heart defects during mum, Robyn’s pregnancy and tragically, she was born sleeping. This is their story:

Dylan’s Story

Dylan’s heart conditions, coarctation of the aorta and aortic stenosis, were not detected until he was four and a half weeks old. Tragically, he passed away when he was ten weeks old. Here, Dylan’s mum Jaspreet tells their story in her own words: Our sweet boy Dylan was born on 9th February 2021 weighing 6.5lb…

Millie’s Story

Millie’s heart condition was detected at her 20-week scan and she had surgery soon after birth. But post-surgery infections were too much for her body to handle and, tragically, she passed away when she was one month old. Here, her mum Sam tells their story:

Zaki’s Story

Baby Zaki was diagnosed with multiple heart defects at his mum’s 20 week scan. Sadly, due to the number and complexity of his defects, he passed away at ten days old. Here, his dad Mourad bravely shares their story: