Truncus Arteriosus

Truncus Arteriosus: Alfie’s Story

Alfie’s parents discovered their baby had a serious heart condition – truncus arteriosus – at the 20-week scan. Here, his mum Jennifer tells their story:

Truncus Arteriosus: James’ Story

Laura received the devastating news that her baby had a serious heart condition, Truncus Arteriosus, at her 20 week scan. Here she shares James’ story:

Truncus Arteriosus – Theo’s battle against CHD

Theo was born with a serious and rare heart defect, Truncus arteriosis, when only one blood vessel develops from the ventricles of the heart instead of two. He is currently a happy and healthy 8 month old. Here his mum Hannah tells their story: 

Martha’s Story

“I’m sorry – but there’s a problem with your baby’s heart” We were expecting baby number 3 to complete our family. Ten minutes earlier, I had been mentally decorating a shared bedroom for my two little girls.  Suddenly I was facing the agonising wait to find out what was wrong with the heart of my…